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Saturday, October 23, 2010: 10AM – 3PM

Find out about the many ways people use and move dirt with an event that takes being messy to a whole new level!

· Get up close with super-sized John Deere farming and construction equipment on display from Bennington Equipment and Murphy Tractor Equipment Company.  See a variety of machines including a combine, tractor and backhoe! Meet their equipment pros and learn how this large equipment is used to move soil to grow crops and to build construction projects.

·  Be one of the first 500 visitors and you will receive a FREE tree sapling, compliments of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. through a partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation! (limit 2 per household)

· Stop by the Fantastic Fun River Run exhibit created by the Upper Big Blue Natural Resource District and explore the challenges of maintaining a dynamic water system. As you play this giant board game, you will help maintain the ecological balance of the Harmony River, a fictitious river the game is build around.

· Stop by the Nutrients for Life Seed’s Survivor exhibit featuring two interactive computer games on soil and a sunflower seed planting station.

· Learn about the many types of organisms who call dirt their home and other fascinating soil facts at the Dig it! demonstration carts.  Docents trained by soil experts from the National Resources Conservation Center will conduct a variety of science experiments the entire family will enjoy. Click here to see a listing of all the cart activities.

· Dig deeper into the world of soil at the Soil Science Society of America booth. Did you know that there’s a state soil for Nebraska, called Holdrege? You will learn about the amazing world of soils – including what’s special about Holdrege soil. Soil scientists will be on hand to answer questions and help you create your very own soils project!

· Paint your own masterpiece with mud! Join the education team and use paint brushes and your fingers to create a picture with soil.

· Meet Sammy Soil, the National Resources Conservation Service mascot.

· Explore Dig It: Secrets of the Soil! Click here to learn more.

These and many more hands on activities are a perfect way for the whole family to get “down and dirty” with soil!

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