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Visit Parks. Be Active. Win Prizes!

Win $1,000 in Outdoor Gear, Football Tickets or 2011 Nebraska Park Entry Permits.
2010 Great Park PursuitThe 2010 version of Nebraska’s Great Park Pursuit is on and now is the time to get your team signed up.This free program is a fun way to keep the whole family active and healthy, as well as increase your awareness of Nebraska’s many parks and opportunities for nature-based fun.  And there are prizes!

Each year, several park areas in the state are designated as Great Park Pursuit sites.  These sites contain a marker post with a raised impression.

Teams of between 1 and 10 individuals join together to compete in the Great Park Pursuit by registering online at www.NeGPP.org.   Once registered, they visit park areas and make a rubbing or ‘nature impression’ of the marker posts and send these impressions in to verify their park visits.

The challenge is to visit as many of the park sites as possible by the September 6, 2010 program deadline.  The more sites that are visited, the more prize drawings each team is eligible for.

Visiting and turning in your nature impressions could get your team some great prizes, including 2011 Nebraska Park Entry Permits, Husker football tickets or a Grand Prize of $1,000 in outdoor gear.

In addition to expanding the program to include 15 sites in 2010, another new development is the addition of bonus sites.  Finding the bonus sites and submitting their impressions means chances in additional drawings.

More details and a complete listing of this year’s Great Park Pursuit sites can be found on the program’s website, www.NeGPP.org.

Get your park pursuit plan in place.  Register your team today!

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