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Firework Safety Test ***Win Tickets to Schlitterbahn***

NCFSlogo200Test your knowledge regarding Firework Safety by taking the following quiz.

Send your answers to blog@familyspectrum.com and have a chance to win 2 tickets to the Schlitterbahn Water Resort in Kansas City, KS. To be eligible, you must send your answers no later than Friday, July 2nd. Four winners will be selected. Good luck!

*Hint – answers can be found at http://www.fireworkssafety.org/answers.pdf

  1. What is the first thing to do before lighting a firework?
  2. How do you know if you are buying quality legal fireworks?
  3. Where should you light watch fireworks?
  4. It’s always good to have _____ handy when having a fireworks display.
  5. How many fireworks should you light at a time?
  6. If a firework does not work after lighting it, how long should you wait before trying to light it again?
  7. Should small children handle and light fireworks?
  8. What should you do if a firework fails to work after lighting it?
  9. Where should you store fireworks?
  10. How should you dispose of a discharged firework?
  11. How should you carry fireworks?
  12. What part of your body should be over a firework while lighting it?
  13. What safety equipment should you wear when lighting a firework?
  14. Are illegal explosives like M-80’s and Cherry Bombs really dangerous or just more fun?
  15. Is it safe to throw or point a firework at another person?
  16. How do you find out what fireworks are legal to buy and shoot in your city?
  17. Should kids and teenagers be allowed to handle and shoot fireworks without a responsible adult close by?
  18. How many fireworks should you carry to the lighting area?
  19. What device should you use to light a firework?
  20. Is it OK to drink alcohol and light fireworks?
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