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The Benefits of Cats as Pets

by Pam Weise, Nebraska Humane Society

Did you know that the Cat is the number one family pet in the United States?  There are more cats than dogs living in the US because roughly 37% of households have cats and 35% of those have more than one.  So why are cats at the top of this list?  There are several likely reasons.

Cats can fit in to many different types of homes from small apartments to larger residences.

  • Cats don’t require as much floor space as most dogs. They enjoy vertical space so a cat perch or condo in a small apartment can work well.
  • Cats don’t require a yard. A window is just fine.
  • Cats don’t bark.

Adult cats are often a wonderful option for families with children.

  • They are past the kitten stage of all “out play” and have learned how to sheathe their claws and “check” their play biting.
  • They are often not as destructive as kittens.
  • They are not as fragile and are less likely to be injured by exuberant children.

Adult cats are also a good option for busy people with full schedules

  • You don’t have to get home over your lunch hour to let them out.
  • When you get home after a long day–5 or ten minutes will likely be all they require–not a half hour with a ball in the back yard.
  • When out of town, quick visits by pet sitters will suffice instead of kenneling

While cats may not seem as devoted to you as dogs, they will greet you at your door, appreciate your time in limited quantities and provide you with less-demanding companionship. They could just be the perfect pet for your family.

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