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Team Cartwheels – Nebraska American Diabetes Tour de Cure this Sunday, May 23rd

Dear Friends,

I am writing to tell you about my little brother, Carter.  He was diagnosed a year ago with juvenile or Type 1 diabetes.  It was a scary time for our family.  It was also a life changing event for our family.  We now deal with a life threatening disease on a daily basis.   My little bro has to prick his finger to check his blood sugars a minimum of seven times and sometimes over ten times a day.    He takes as few as  five shots a day of insulin to keep him alive.  That means he takes a minimum of 1,825 shots in a year. In the picture above, he is holding a bottle that is filled with used needles, he takes at least 140 shots per month.  As a big brother, I have to help make sure he is safe by making sure he checks his blood before we play catch or bike together and help him bring his blood sugars up when he drops during exercise.  As you can see, type 1 diabetes is a challenge for my brother and our family.

I am writing to ask you to help me fundraise for a cure for my brother and all the diabetics in our world.  I am riding in the Nebraska American Diabetes TourdeCure this Sunday, May 23 in Springfield, Nebraska.  I plan to ride for my little brother.  Our team name is Team Cartwheels.  My sister Megan will be on our family team as well.  My dad is deployed , so he is going to ride at the same time as we are on a gym bike because it is too hot (116 degrees) during the day.  We bike Sunday morning at 10AM which means my dad will be riding at 6 pm over there.

If you would like to sponsor my ride please go to http://main.diabetes.org/nebraskatourdecure

My team is :  Team Cartwheels

From there you can sponsor me using your credit card in any amount you feel will help in our fight for a cure for diabetes.  We can also take cash and check donations (checks made out to ADA TourdeCure).  You can get to my link through my Facebook Page and follow my fundraising progress.

Thanks for your support!

Hunter Fangmeyer, Captain Team Cartwheels and the Fangmeyer Family

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